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This is not a contract and can be cancelled by either party at any time. Supporting the Data Portability Initiative (DPI) is free for all Heating Fuels Industry Professionals.

Simply put, DPI helps facilitate industry awareness of the silent issues heating fuels retailers face surrounding credit card data and customer’s records. Utilize the FREE DPI tools and Quick Reference Guides to gain useful insight for your organization.

The success of DPI will be greatly impacted by industry support. Heating fuel retailers, industry providers and professionals are asked to sign up (takes less than a minute). The louder our voice, the quicker DPI can make an impact and help protect all fuel retailers.

Data Portability Initiative (DPI) Terms of Use, Disclaimers and Privacy Policy

  • A supporter is defined as any company, representative, individual or provider affiliated with the heating fuels industry.
  • Supporters and providers have the right to cancel at any time and have their names removed from the website.
  • DPI support is considered at will and can be canceled by either party at anytime. There is no cost to join and no cost to cancel.
  • I understand the main objective of DPI is to support the heating fuels industry by creating awareness and facilitating more transparency for retailers around data and customer records.
  • In an effort to move the initiative forward, all supporters of DPI allow the use of company name and/or logo in marketing materials.
  • I acknowledge that non-compliance of supporters (both retailers and providers) is determined at the sole discretion of DPI. Non-compliant supporters will be removed from DPI website.
  • I understand that supporters must adhere to all DPI guidelines to be considered an “active supporter” of DPI. Non-compliant supporters will be removed from DPI website.
  • I acknowledge and agree that as a supporting company of DPI it is my responsibility to comply with the spirit of DPI and its guidelines.
  • Questions can be forwarded to:
  • Awareness, freedom and flexibility are core attributes of DPI, as all retailers should be free to determine which providers are best for their business without having to be concerned or inconvenienced to switch providers at any time.
  • All supporters of DPI who complete either the retailer or provider support/enrollment form automatically acknowledge and agree to all DPI terms of use and conditions.
  • All supporters of DPI or any individuals, companies or organizations who choose to utilize any resources derived from the DPI website, do so at their own risk, and agree to indemnify and hold DPI and/or any other entities associated with it harmless of any wrong doing.
  • DPI is a d/b/a of Richmond Financial Services LLC.