Do you know who controls your customer credit card data? 

If you think it’s you, think again. Most fuel companies actually don’t control their own data.

You can be held hostage if you attempt to leave your provider. It’s time to put an end to this practice.

Join DPI now to demand ALL payment and software providers act ethically.

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Unifying goal

No one should be able to deny you access to your own data!

The Data Portability Initiative (DPI) was launched to protect retailer’s rights to access and transfer their credit card data and customer records from one provider to another.

Most heating fuel retailers don’t realize that their data is NOT easily portable if they choose to change providers. As a result, they can be effectively held hostage if they try to leave for better value, service, technology or security.

DPI promotes a set of ethical standards that payment providers and back office software providers agree to adhere to when servicing the heating fuels industry. It encourages providers to be good actors, and exposes those with unfair practices so fuel companies can be better protected.

The success of DPI and its positive impact depend on the support of the entire heating fuels industry. Together we can be heard and help facilitate the necessary changes that empower heating fuel retailers and protects their freedom of choice.

It takes less than a minute to show your support. Add your voice to
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A few current examples of unfair practices happening now:

A small heating fuel retailer located in Massachusetts decided to change payment providers in order to upgrade their functionality and security. They notified their current payment provider who refused to allow the retailer access to their own data, and told them they must sign an indemnification agreement which reached well beyond what would be considered normal and customary terms. As a result, the retailer was forced to spend countless hours piecing the data together in order to move and do business with the new payment provider of choice.


A large multi state heating fuel retailer recently made an acquisition. The acquirer notified that companies’ current payment provider of their intention to switch to their preferred vendors. Months of costly delays and frustrating negotiations followed. The retailer discovered that the acquired company’s payment provider and back office software provider were working in tandem because they shared revenue from the processing fees.


A home heating retailer with three NY locations notified their current software provider that they were changing companies. They were required to pay an exorbitant fee in order to transfer their own data to the new software provider.


The DPI founding principles

Ethical standards

Promotes high ethical standards and practices to help protect retailers’ freedom of choice.


Encourages portability and transparency of all industry service providers with respect to both credit card data and/or customers records.


Advocates to protect retailers’ rights to easy data migration. Eliminates obstacles that increase stress and/or disrupt their freedom of choice.

Unified voice

A strong unified industry voice will help facilitate change and protect retailers.

About us

Unbeknownst to most heating fuel retailers, many payment provider agreements do not allow retailers access to their own credit card data. The Data Portability Initiative (DPI) was established in response to several high profile cases where heating fuel retailers had their data held hostage by their credit card processors when the fuel companies tried to change vendors. There is no legitimate reason why fuel companies shouldn’t be able to pursue the best value, service, technology and security for their businesses. DPI encourages providers to commit to the highest level of ethics, and allow for compliant, unfettered access to their clients’ data and customer records.

The lead on this initiative was taken by Larry Richmond of Richmond Financial Services. Larry is a consultant who has worked with more than 1,000 heating oil and propane companies over the last 20 years. Larry successfully lobbied MasterCard to reclassify home heating retailers into a low risk utility processing category. This win opened up discounted pricing for the entire industry.

It takes less than a minute to voice your support; enough is enough!

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